Nemzetközi konferencia: Hungary and Poland in the Middle Ages - Pécs

“Hungary and Poland in the Middle Ages”

Workshop for PhD Students


University of Pécs

1-2 October, 2015


Thursday, 1 October

9:00 Opening of the Workshop

 9:40-11:20 Session 1 Government and Society in East-Central Europe in the 10th-13th cc.

Angelika Herucova (Bratislava, Slovak Academy of Sciences)

Palatines in the Kingdom of Hungary, Kingdom of Bohemia, and the Polish Principalities from the 10th to 13th Centuries

Wojciech Kozłowski (Central European University)

International Relations before the Sovereign Territorial State. A Case - Study of Hungary and Poland, 1240-1320

Piotr Okninski (University of Warsaw)

Forming a Polish Medieval Commune: The Case of Kraków

Gábor Barabás (University of Pécs)

Koloman of Galicia and his Polish Relations. The Duke of Slavonia as the Protector of Polish Duchesses

11:20-11:40 Coffee break

11:40-13.00 Session 2 Polish-Hungarian Relations in the 14th Century

Andrzej Marzec (Jagellonian University, Cracow)

New King and New Elites. The Reign of Louis the Great in Poland (1370-1382)

Tünde Árvai (University of Pécs)

The Members of the Garai Family as Medieval Hungarian-Polish Linkages

Anna Obara-Pawłowska (UMCS – Lublin)

Economic Relations between Poland and Hungary in the Middle Ages from the Second Half of the

13th Century to the 14th  Century

13:00-14:00 Lunch

14.00:15.40  Session 3 Narrative Sources on Hungarian-Polish Relations in the Middle Ages


Stefan Albrecht (Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum, Mainz)

New Manuscripts of the Polish-Hungarian Chronicle


Adrien Queret Podesta (Olomuc)

Poland and Hungary in Adémar de Chabannes’s Chronicle

Bernadett Benei (University of Budapest)

Contributions to the Study of the 11th-12th- Century Texts of the Hungarian Chronicle

Karol Szejgiec (UMCS Lublin)

A Historian from Abroad: Some Remarks on Two Medieval Chronicles (Gallus Anonymus and Dudo of Saint-Quentin)

Coffee break 15:40-16.00

16:00-17:20 Session 4 – Representation and Power


Krisztián Bödő (University of Pécs)

Saint Ladislaus, the Triumphant of the House of Anjou:

Correlation between the Imperial Representation of the Anjous and the Cult of Saint Ladislaus

Marta Graczyńska (Jagellonian University, Cracow)

The Cathedrals - The Problem of Place and Space: Origins and Reasons of their Existence in Central Europe (Hungary, Bohemia and Poland)

Annamária Érsek (University of Paris-Sorbonne)

The Representation of the Sovereign in Central Europe between the Middle of the 14th Century and the Beginning of the 15th Century

Paul Srodecki (Justus-Liebig-University, Giessen)

Bulwarks of Christianity. Frontier Identities in Medieval Europe


17.20 17.40 Coffe break

17.40-18.20 Keynote :

Márta Font (University of Pécs)

Dynastic Tradition and Legitimation of Power in Eastern and Central Europe


18:30 Dinner


Friday, 2 October


9:00-10:40 Session 1  - Hungary and Poland and East-Central Europe in the Late Middle Ages


Inna Kubay (Institute of Archeology of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences)

Reception of the Ideas of the Hussite Reformation in the Territory of South-West Rus’ from the Late 15th  Century to the First half of the 17th Century

Tomas Homola (Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava)

Hungarian-Polish Rivalry for the Bohemian Crown in the 1460s

István Kovács (University of Pécs)

Kelemen de Turon. The Ecclesiastical Middle Class in Medieval Hungary


10:20-10:40 Coffee Break



Ádám Novák (University of Debrecen)

Unknown Signatories of a Known Agreement – A Many-Sealed Charter dated from 4th April, 1403

Piotr Kolpak (Jagellonian University, Cracow)

Between the Middle Ages and Modernity:

Political and Cultural Contacts Between Archbishops Jan Łaski and Tamás Bakócz

János Incze (University of Budapest)

360 Years in Pledge. The Pledging of the Spiš Region


12:00-12:20 Closing of the workshop

12:30-13:30 Lunch


14:00 -19:00 Excursion in Pécs

Medieval BishopricCella Septichora (Early Christian grave chambers)Medieval university


19:00 – Dinner and reception

péntek, október 2, 2015 - 09:00